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About Me

I'm Shawn, a 4th year undergrad at UCLA studying Cognitive Science, B.S., with a Specialization in Computing, and Biology, B.S., with a Specialization in Computing.

Current Positions

New Student Advisor (NSA) for UCLA New Student & Transition Programs.

Previously Held Positions

Lead Student Full-Stack Web Developer / Technical Assistant for ASUCLA.
Population Health Management Intern for UCLA Health FPG.
Lead Full-Stack Developer for LanguageBird, LLC.


Check out my Curriculum Vitae here.

Below is my Website Portfolio, along with some of my Github Repos. Check them out to learn more about the academic and creative work that I've been up to these past few years.

Contact Me

Email me at to get in touch.
Twitter & Instagram @shawnschwartz_

Please don't hesitate to contact me through any medium! I'm always open to hearing about new ideas, opportunities, and ways to get involved in projects.

Programming Languages...
Java C++ Swift HTML CSS JavaScript PHP SQL MATLAB R TeX JSON Python Ruby
Other Technical Skills...
LaTeX Machine Learning Xcode Sublime Text 3 MySQL Jekyll iPost Microsoft Office Final Cut Pro X MacOS Windows 10 Jupyter Notebook Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign


[1] Dang, J., Lin, B., Yuan, J., Schwartz, S. T., Shah, R. M., & Garg, N. K. (2018). Smart access to 3D structures. Nature Reviews Chemistry, 2, 95-96. View PDF & Read the press release in the Daily Bruin.

Manuscripts Under Review & In Preparation

Alfaro, M. E., Karan, E. A., Schwartz, S. T., & Schultz, A. J. (under review). The evolution of color pattern in Butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae). Manuscript under review.

Schwartz, S. T., Siegel, A. L. M., & Castel, A. D. (in prep). Risks and rewards: Memory for positive and negative item-location associations. Manuscript in preparation.

Research Interests

I'm very passionate about research, especially in cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology.

I'm currently studying the spatial-relocation memory errors of young adults in regard to risks & rewards, for UCLA's departmental honors thesis in Dr. Alan Castel's Memory and Lifespan Cognition Lab, with Alexander Siegel, M.A. in UCLA's Department of Psychology.

Additionally, I'm working on large scale computational and machine learning models for better understanding fish evolution across the tree of life in Dr. Michael Alfaro's lab, with Liz Karan, in UCLA's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB).

Other Technical Projects

When not conducting ground-breaking research, my main interests include software development, full-stack web & digital/graphic design, and user-interface & user-experience development — all of which I sport 10+ years of experience in.

At UCLA, some current projects I've worked on include myEMRA®, a software I developed for UCLA Health, and QR Chem, a smart was to share and access 3D molecular structures. (Read Press Release and checkout the Publication in Nature Reviews Chemistry.)


I've developed some really cool stuff for some really cool people. Check out some of my work below.

Redesigned Entire Site for ASUCLA in 2016 & Managed Frontend and Backend
(January 2016 — March 2019)

Design Consultant for 2018 Redesign & Maintained Backend
(January 2018 — March 2019)

Designed & Developed this Website to Display My Work
(August 2018) &

Full-Stack Developer for Redesign & Implementation of HIPAA-Compliant Secure Patient Information Form
(July 2017 — Present)

UI/UX Full-Stack Web Developer & Designer, LanguageBird®, LLC
(July 2016 — January 2018)

Software Consultant & Designer, UCLA
(March 2018 — August 2018)

Designed Website & Co-Founder
(March 2014)


I can code in a lot of languages to make my creative dreams into a usable technological reality. Feel free to check out some of my Github Repos below to see some of my public code.

shawn — bash — 80x24
My personal website, portfolio, & CV
UCLA Ackerman Union Level 1
LaTeX version of my Curriculum Vitae
My digital branding store-front
Responsive Email Tmpt for ASUCLA
UCLA Psych Expt. Interactive LMs
UCLA Psych 100B Expt. Code Fall 17
Bricks Breaking UCLA Psych 20B
Final Project for UCLA Psych 20
LA County Science Fair 1st Place